Extendable Triangle Cleaning Mop 360°

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✅ Multifunctional
 4 in 1
Make Cleaning Smooth
Enhanced Reach
Premium Microfiber Cloth
✅ Easy to Use
Durable Material
Complete Cleaning Set


New Extended Triangle Mop features a 360° rotating head, reaching every nook and cranny to eliminate stubborn dust on walls, ceilings, and windows.

Triangle Mop Microfiber cloth help to clean easy and make things more dust free

With an extra-long 1.3m pole, easily access high and tricky spots, simplifying the dusting process for a spotless home.

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Equipped with thickened and encrypted microfiber, the mop quickly absorbs water within 5 seconds, ensuring superior dust adsorption and effective cleaning.

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Designed with a mimic hand washing cleaning feature, the mop integrates a push-pull automatic water squeezing function, freeing your hands for a more convenient cleaning experience.

The package includes 1 extended section mop and 1 piece of premium microfiber cloth, providing you with detailed cleaning solution.